Avoid open the closed door of the room & as much as possible plug the air conditioner in a closed room. Previously we have described how the AC works where AC will try to cool the room to a temperature that is set on the remote AC. At the time the door of the room opened the lid continuously then the temperature in the room will not be stable because the heat from outside will go into the room. This condition will make the AC work continuously to stabilize the temperature in the room. In the meantime, you can always visit airconservicingsingapore.com/ if your AC requires a serious maintenance.

If your AC is installed open room then automatically your room will be very difficult to reach the desired temperature so that AC will continue to work optimally. In the open space is also a large room that must be cooled into a very large and most likely above the ability of the AC in the cool.

Do not Turn on Air Conditioning immediately when the new AC is turned off.

The last point we want to give is to avoid turning on your air conditioner when the new AC is turned off. Often times the AC user wrongly presses the off button on the AC which is directly forwarded to the ON button.

Give a few minutes of the compressor and freon oil to return to the compressor. By doing this your AC compressor will last longer.