Why choose a wallpaper? Why not just use wall paint? There are several reasons and considerations for some people why they choose wallpaper for walls.

– Durable
Wallpaper, in general, can last for years and even up to 15 years. But if you use paint then you have to repaint every time the color fades. And in terms of durability, wallpaper has a durability long enough compared to wall paint and you also have to have the power to do the paint again every two or three years.

– Practical Covering Wall Deficiency
It cant be denied, surely every wall of the house has cracks and holes, even mushrooms. This can reduce the beauty of your home. Well, wallpaper can serve to cover the existing deficiencies on your house wall.

– Beautify every corner of the room
Currently, wallpaper consists of various types and motives that you can choose according to your ideas and desires. One of the things that make the corner of the room at home look luxurious and comfortable is to install wallpaper on the walls of the room. Because in the use of paint color on the wall is an ordinary thing.