South Tangerang city besides having a lot of tourism also has a typical food tourist area. If you want to know more about South Tangerang, then you can visit website. Apart from that, there are some typical foods of South Tangerang city. The first is Sayur Besan, Sayur is usually present at the wedding ceremony when the parents of the groom’s family come to the parents’ house at the wedding ceremony (Ngabesan), so this vegetable is called Sayur Besan.

The second typical food is Putu Mayang, a typical food of southern Tangerang has a legit taste with a fragrant aroma of pandanus, making this traditional food into one of the hawks that make every addict lovers. Putu Mayang typical of southern Tangerang can be presented at a cold or when still warm. Fragrant pandanus that smelled on food putu Mayang this is because the pandanus leaf which became one of the ingredients that must exist in every Putu Mayang cuisine, which of course is supported with other ingredients that also make food or snacks typical of South Tangerang this becomes delicious and delicious for eating in the day or night.

Pecak Gabus is the typical food of the next city, which has a delicious taste, Pecak Gabus cooked with Indonesian spices such as pepper, cayenne pepper, salt, onion and white, galangal and other spices, which will add a sour taste when our tongue enjoys the food. For those of you culinary lovers typical cuisine of Indonesia worth to visit the city of Tangerang that is already famous for its cuisine, in South Tangerang there are also various cuisines from other cities, but still, the number one is Typical Food City of South Tangerang.