In this life, not everyone will understand your situation. There are people who look down on you. People with views like this make you feel worthless in front of him. You have absolutely no value when confronted with those who degrade you. But you do not need to be discouraged, all you have to do is prove that they are all wrong! Now to cultivate that spirit, it would be better if you consult a therapist like you can find at

Make those who underestimate you feel tortured, by way of a face full of victorious smiles. Show them that you can still be happy even if they keep making bad comments on you. The person who likes to belittle you is actually just jealous of the effort you’ve been making to succeed. Because they are afraid of being rivaled by you, then they are looking for ways to bring you down.

You do not have to avenge the crime of the one who has belittled you. Instead of wasting time, thoughts, and energy to avenge the deeds of those who look at you in one eye. Try to learn to be indifferent and unconcerned. Your attitude that responds to their ridicule will only make them happy. If you show an attitude of ignorance and let their talk as a wind then, later they will also tire themselves. They will feel annoyed because in fact the effort to drop you failed and useless.