The center of our face is in the nose, in this nose, where every one of us encounters the very first person to give the impression. Our faces look more balanced thanks to the beautiful nose. Therefore many people are interested in nose surgery and instead do it. Due to nasal surgery included in the cosmetic surgery group, therefore before conducting nose surgery, you are strongly advised to consult before performing the surgery because everyone has different wishes about the shape of his nose and the doctor can suggest about the shape of the nose that matches his face shape. Apart from that, here are some things that need to be noticed after doing nose surgery!

First, during the recovery process can eat as usual Just try to avoid foods that are too spicy, salty, and oily because it can slow the recovery process.

Secondly, after a one-month operation is expected to not smoke and not drink alcohol and advised to do a mild exercise first and not too heavy.

Third, Wash the face and make-up can be done a day after the release of the thread. You can go to sauna one month later. Bathing can be done during the same day.

Fourth, after the operation you know it will swell, right? While sleeping is great to keep the head position 15 degrees so that swelling can quickly descend. You can use 2 layer pillows to sleep.