1. Use the phone as necessary for important conversation and useful. Enable the restriction of speech-time restrictions to remind you to stay insoluble in unnecessary conversations so you do not need to be wasteful to buy credit. To further reduce the cost of credit, now you can redeem your excess pulse with money via pulsa.

2. Make sure to activate the facilities offered by mobile operators in accordance with our needs, for example, if we often SMS than telephone then activate SMS bonus only, and vice versa.

3. Make sure the important numbers of people you already know on your phone and given a name, so that when there is an incoming call we can immediately find out who is calling.

4. Try if you want to call customizes check first with the same type of card operator with our card, if not the same, it will be better if your just text them.

5. The service provider usually gives bonuses, either bonus talk or text bonus if it has reached certain usage take advantage of that opportunity by maximizing our phone connection when the bonus is already running.

6. Turn off or remove unused features that use the credit on your mobile phone, because often we accidentally press the button to activate the feature and the pulse roads without us know.

7. Put the automatic lock button on the hand pone, because often our hand pone accidentally when in the bag, for example, pressed the button to contact other people, the pulse of the road is also unknown to us.