Arab became one of the most visited countries every year. The most frequent visits in the country usually come from the pilgrims who will perform the worship there. To visit the country you should be able to understand the local language to make it easier to communicate. To understand Arabic, you can learn it at you will be mentored by the experts to be able to understand the language very precisely.

For those of you who love the country, there are some unique facts about Saudi Arabia that you need to know.

– Saudi Arabia Located on the Asian Continent
Though often referred to as Middle Eastern Countries, geographically, Saudi Arabia is on the Asian Continent. The exact location of this country is in West Asia and is the fifth largest in Asia.

– Mecca is not the capital of Saudi Arabia
Perhaps many people think that Mecca is the capital of the State. whereas, the capital of this country is Riyadh which is also the largest city in the country.

– Has The Largest Airport In The World
King Fahd International Airport is located on a 780 km pitch or about 77,600 hectares.