Islam has many definitions and laws that must be followed. Just like other religions, Islam also has a holy book, that is Al-Quran. With the holy book, Muslims are able to live their lives by referring to the scriptures given to them. They are also required to always understand and study the book. Now, many people are studying the Muslim holy book through online sites. one of them is

There, you will always be guided to understand the Qur’an and its content appropriately.
Islam also has some laws that must be practiced by its people. Some of these laws are

1. Fardhu’s Law (Required)
This is a law that must be executed and if not executed will get sin. One that represents this law is prayer. Fardhu prayers that are required to be done by Muslims must always be executed because if left behind will be sinful.

2. Sunnat’s Law
This is a law that when done will be rewarded and if not done will not sin.
3. Haram’s Law
This is a matter which if done will get sin and if not done it will get reward.