Healthy food that we consume does not mean we can consume excessively. Whatever the food if consumed in large quantities and excessive will cause side effects. No exception, seaweed. Seaweed does have many good benefits for the body. However, if consumed in excess will have a negative impact on health. For that, you must know how much seaweed you should consume. Consuming seaweed contained in medicines will be better because you will know with certainty what level of seaweed you will consume. For more details, you can go to   and find out more about seaweed and all the facts.

In addition to seaweed, there are some healthy foods that turn out not good if consumed excessively. Such as nutritious foods, a nutrient-enriched food package in fact still can not replace the nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. Food packaging is an option for those who can not meet the nutritional content such as vitamins, iron and other content contained in fruits and vegetables. However, if you consume excessive food packaging, there is a possibility that you will have excess nutrients that are not balanced with other substances that are good for the body.