Basically, the specific cause of gestational diabetes is unknown. It’s just that this happens when pregnant women have a placenta that connects nutritional food from pregnant mother to fetus, causing hormone production that is too high. Reproductive hormone changes during pregnancy cause damage to the body’s cell reactions to the insulin produced by the pancreas. This is what causes the body to overreact during pregnancy. The condition of this disorder usually occurs when pregnancy enters the age of 20 weeks.

Gestational diabetes conditions can indeed be controlled so that pregnant women can give birth to healthy babies. However, pregnant women still have to control blood sugar levels so that pregnancy can run smoothly. If the condition of blood sugar levels is not controlled, then it can cause some problems such as obesity in infants. Babies born to pregnant women with gestational diabetes can become fatter. This condition causes pregnant women to have difficulty during labor. To improve your stamina, you can use Soman by visiting