Teeth that appear white is not necessarily clean and healthy. Because the germs that cause mouth problems cannot be seen just like that with the eyes. Plaque colorless and can attach to the teeth unnoticed by the owner. Plaque is the soft layer of bacteria and food waste attached to the tooth surface. One gram of plaque contains about 100 billion bacteria. If left unchecked, the pile of plaque will harden and form tartar. As a result, these bacterial forces can cause various teeth and gum problems, such as gingivitis. To get white, clean and healthy teeth, you can visit dentist plano.

In more extreme cases, teeth can be dislodged themselves as a result of bacteria. All can happen even though the teeth look clean white. An easy way to know the existence of plaque can by scraping the surface of the tooth with the tip of the nail. If there is a kind of white coating attached to the nail, it’s called plaque. For that, everyone needs to clean and check their teeth regularly to the dentist. Although his teeth have looked clean and white.