Arabic has a rich vocabulary. Professor Abdurrahman Al-Kiyali in his paper entitled “The Factor of Arab Language Development and Its Spreading” elaborates, “Arabic is superior to other scriptural languages because of its vocabulary richness as mentioned by Imam As-Suyuthi in” Al-Mazhar “, The number of Arabic vocabulary reached 78,031,312. Az-zabidy mentions in “Tajul ‘Flow”, Arabic has a vocabulary of 6.746.000. Arabs are famous for their nature, if they like or hate something, then they multiply the name of it. Therefore Allah wants Asmaa’ul Husna to number quite a lot of 99 names. “Lion” has 500 names, “snake” has 200 names, “honey” has 80 names, “sword” has 1000 names, “rain”, “wind”, “darkness”, “camel”, “rock”, “water “,” Well “, has more than 300 names”. Meanwhile, you can also visit to learn Arabic quickly.

Thus are some of the features of the Arabic language that made him chosen as the language of the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.

Are Arabs More Special Because Arabic Quran?

Arabic language after the decline of Islam is not the language of a nation but a universal language that becomes the identity of every human being who believes in the oneness of Allah SWT. It can even be said that Arab is no longer a biological race but a language of ideology. So that all Muslims who practice praying are Arabs ideologically even though we are biologically non-Arab. So when it is called Arab ideology it is not the intention of Arabic ideology but the Islamic ideology that comes from the Lord of the universe.