Along with the advancement of technology and also the vigorous campaign to encourage the community to conduct non-cash transactions, so now more and more media or non-cash transaction support tools provided by merchants, shops, online services and so on. Some of the following non-cash transactions tools are increasingly popular in the community such as debit cards, credit cards, e-money or electronic money, non-cash transaction paying tools via smartphones and referred to as 소액 결제 현금화. In short, all the conveniences and advantages provided by the cash service provider aims to encourage people to get used to cashless transactions. Are there any other benefits of the non-cash transaction? From the user’s side, non-cash payments can be an effective medium of savings. This is certainly contradictory to the impression that online services make us wasteful. If we are smart and jelly, just save with the easier non-cash service.

Sort Routine Monthly Transactions, and Have a Non-Cash Transaction Tool that Meets Needs. Post-shopping for the needs for a month can choose a transaction service with a credit card that has many discount programs and chooses a shop/merchant match. Regular billing payment post, choose a promo/debt service that many promos or you can also use the pay bill feature on a credit card. Post entertainment to watch a movie or eat at a restaurant. There are many discount programs if smart choose a restaurant/store/entertainment place. After grouping your payments based on your needs, you can adjust to the non-cash payment channels you own. If you have not many non-cash payment channels already, it’s time to download or add non-cash transaction tools from existing ones.

Pay close attention to the Every Non-Cash Card Channel Program and Make the most of it. Here it is important that you follow the promotion program of each non-cash service channel. I take for example, for example, you are accustomed to monthly shopping to the supermarket, search for product info and merchant what there is a special discount for a particular debit card or credit card user. Promotional discount can be in the form of rebates, cashback, vouchers to reward points. To get this information you can usually follow through online media such as SMS, email or others.