You may have met this kind of person in the gym: steam generators  never cardio but do not stay for hours in the sauna room. The sauna was first practiced in Finland before it was introduced-and loved all over the world. Originally, the sauna consisted of three consecutive stages: dwelling in the high air and dry (not humid) for five to twenty minutes, followed by cooling and fluid consumption1. The main reason they often pro-sauna (versus cardio) is due to the body response during sauna and running on the treadmill is almost similar: sweating and heart rate increased. Sauna helps extend your endurance while exercising. Studies conducted in New Zealand prove, athletes runners who regularly steam for three weeks have a longer travel time up to 32 percent. Sauna relieves pain after exercise. The heat caused by the sauna can relax the muscles and have analgesic effects (painkillers) on the muscles, as reviewed in the Annals of Internal Medicine. What are you waiting for? With you buy steam generators from us, then you can do your own sauna at home without the need to go out and spend the cost to the sauna. It’s so, you can do it for free.


Sauna keeps you away from the flu. One study conducted in 1990 found that people who regularly sauna for six months less likely to get the flu than people who are not sauna4. In fact, these benefits are felt since the first three months of study. Breathing clean and moist air in the sauna helps in breathing because the temperature in the sauna room can help clean up any decongestants in the air. Clean and moist air improves cleansing of the lungs and breathing paths, thereby improving mental and focused concentration. The relaxed atmosphere will help you create a good night’s sleep. And it has been proven to help people overcome insomnia. If aromatherapy is added for treatment, it doubles the relaxing effect of the sauna.