Learning English is not enough just theory, but it also needs practice. Therefore, many parents have introduced English to their children since they were small, even from infancy. Well, in order for a child to get good English will be better if your child is English course in a trusted place like you can find on britishlifeskills.com, in addition, you also must avoid some myths to note!

1. Ah, pity, he will be confused about the language
The myth is denied by Professor of Bilingual Education from the United States, Dr. David Freeman, and Dr. Yvonne Freeman. Because the earlier the child is exposed to more than one language, the faster they master it. So, parents need not fear if their child is confused.

2. Learn one language first and another language
This myth is simply not true. Once proficient in one language, one needs to gather motivation and effort back from scratch to learn a new language. This also applies to children.

3. The child will mix the two languages
Language skills are reasonable, especially if the child is still in the learning stage. Usually, if he does not remember or do not know the vocabulary of one of the languages of what he means, and then he will use the vocabulary of other languages.