The leather purse is cool if taken everywhere because it gives the impression of luxury. But, you should also consider your traveling location before deciding to bring this one leather goods. If you are going on an adventure that is very likely to come into contact with water, it is better to throw away your intention to bring a leather wallet. The leather material does not fit everything that is related to water. As much as possible avoid your leather wallet from direct contact with water. This is because if exposed to water, the skin color of your wallet can fade. You can get biker chain wallets with the best quality through our website.

When wearing leather wallets, there is the possibility of objects splattered stains or other problems. If you have ever encountered this problem, you should clean it carefully so that the leather wallet is not damaged. A safe way to deal with blemishes in your leather wallet is to take them to an expert shop to handle them, either to the producer or the craftsman directly. But, if you can not go to an expert shop, you can clean it yourself with baby oil. Way, pour a little baby oil surface stains. Rub and gently press until the stain looks faded. As much as possible the sweep is in the direction of the fiber from the skin. Once done, you can dry the baby oil used with a soft cloth or dry tissue.

Although quite practical and can be done alone, you should not practice too often. This kind of cleaning can be done in 2-3 years so that the skin material does not peel. If you are concerned about the effects of a cleaning method, try testing first in a hidden area, for example inside the wallet. If the stain cannot be lost, try to use shoe polish with the appropriate color to cover the stain.

Caring for the leather wallet is easy. But, if you really want your beloved leather wallets are durable and always in top condition, the above tips can be a guide for you in caring for leather wallets. Good care will certainly make good results so you do not need to change your leather wallet too often.