Even before going to www.propellant.media, you may already know that geofencing is an incredible tool for companies or businessmen to create campaigns that could work more efficiently. It can also work to reach more specific customers in accordance with their location. So, do you wonder to implement geofencing marketing?

Well, location-based mobile marketing is the capacity to draw a hover around a stick. This capacity is given by GPS. Its usage is quick and costs – successful and it doesn’t require the establishment of other in-store gadgets, similar to the circumstances when promoters utilize signals. Geofencing empowers your application to identify when the GPS signals from the clients’ cell phones at first glance are crossing into the territory of your purpose of intrigue (POI). That marketing will work even fo small business. Surely, you want to attract the right customers. On the other words, you want the most potential ones who can be turned into loyal customers.