Currently, on the market, a lot of circulating tents in the tent sellers are either sold individually. But of all camping tents and camping equipment sold in the market today is not all suitable for climbing mountains, there are tents that are only suitable for camping at the foot of the mountain or even suitable only for camping in the backyard. In principle, buy a platoon tent and outdoor equipment from tent sellers not only by name or image or model only. Dare to look at our website because we provide the alps mountaineering lynx 1 that suit you best. Then how to know the characteristics of camping tent that is suitable for mountain climbing?

Tents for mountain climbing tend to be less construction than tents for camping, this is because to be more resistant to a stronger wind blow in the area of ??mountain heights rather than camping locations that are lower at the foot of the mountain. Choose a lower tent construction. Tall tents at least a maximum of 1 meter or 40 inches. This is based on observations of tents abroad averaging a height of 1m or below. As usual, the higher the tent the greater the catching power of the wind.

Note also the rope on the tent. This rope is very useful to maintain the stability of the tent during strong winds and make the shape of the tent more visible as in the ad. Usually, the tent has 4 stakes or one holder on each side and then tied to pegs or other strong objects. Stickers are also very useful to keep your flysheet layer with the inner layer on your tent with a dual layer system. In addition to choosing a strong rope, choose a rope that can reflect light, so it will be more visible at night. But still there are people who do not pay attention to the ropes of the stake around the neighboring tent, so will stumble or accidentally stumble the rope.