If you feel that you can’t satisfy your wife well in bed, then you may have to do something about it in order to maintain the harmony of your marriage. We really recommend you to know the foods and the supplements that you may need to consume to increase your vitality as a man. There are many foods out there that you can try in order to improve your sexual capability, but we’re going to share with you the most common ones that people have used for a long time. As for the size of your penis, if it’s still lacking for you and your wife, you may go check out the best penis enlargement pills.

Pomegranate circulates your blood well

As you may know, an erection happens when the blood inside of your body is getting pumped into your penis. So when it happens, the muscles of your penis get contracted, which causes the erection to happens. This allows you to have an intercourse with your wife, and as for the blood circulation itself, the pomegranate is highly recommended. It has been trusted by many people since a long time ago, that it has the aphrodisiac effect which causes you to have more power for sex.

Banana is great for males

It’s true that this fruit shaped like the men’s vital organs. However, the shape is actually a strong indication which gives us some clue about its benefits. Aside from potassium, the Banana is also good for giving your body the more libido that we may need to have a sex for a long time. Even some people out there eat a banana before sports game as a doping.

Ginseng is quite legendary

In ancient China and almost all countries in Asia, this ingredient has been made to become the supplements that bring more power to men. So the next time you try the traditional Asian food or medicine, you may try this one in order to improve your sexual capability.