Joint mobilization is a passive movement technique used to treat joint dysfunction such as stiffness, reversible joint hypomobility, and pain. Mobilization of the joint restores the range of motion or relieves the pain and can be passive, that is controlled by the therapist or active, that is controlled by the patient. This is the definition contained in the health dictionary. To know and even learn more about it, please enjoy your visit on

In another sense, the manipulation of the spine is an attempt to restore the condition of the spine that had been sick, for one thing. It could be due to accidents, mobility errors, positions, habituation of improper postures, and so on. Thus, with this understanding, the manipulation or mobilization of these joints can be called a therapy.

Surely you may have time to feel pain when standing from a squatting position or sitting, also when lifting heavy objects. This is a problem that is often faced. Less precise position when lifting heavy objects, causing problems in the spine. This is the bone that we should be careful about, because of the slightest position, the feeling that it causes is very painful.